Linux Commands – A

accept Accept or Reject jobs to a destination, such as a printer.
access Check a user’s RWX permission for a file.
aclocalGNU autoconf too
aconnect  ALSA sequencer connection manager.
acpi Show information about the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.
acpi_available Check if ACPI functionality exists on the system.
acpid Informs user-space programs about ACPI events.
addr2line Used to convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
addresses Formats for internet mail addresses.
agetty An alternative Linux Getty
alias Create an alias for Linux commands
alsactl Access advanced controls for ALSA soundcard driver.
amidi Perform read/write operation for ALSA RawMIDI ports.
amixer Access CLI-based mixer for ALSA soundcard driver.
anacron Used to run commands periodically.
aplay Sound recorder and player for CLI.
aplaymidi CLI utility used to play MIDI files.
apm Show Advanced Power Management (APM) hardware info on older systems.
apmd Used to handle events reported by APM BIOS drivers.
apropos Shows the list of all man pages containing a specific keyword
apt Advanced Package Tool, a package management system for Debian and derivatives.
apt-get Command-line utility to install/remove/update packages based on APT system.
aptitude Another utility to add/remove/upgrade packages based on the APT system.
ar A utility to create/modify/extract from archives.
arch Display print machine hardware name.
arecord Just like aplay, it’s a sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver.
arecordmidi Record standard MIDI files.
arp Used to make changes to the system’s ARP cache
as A portable GNU assembler.
aspell An interactive spell checker utility.
at Used to schedule command execution at specified date & time, reading commands from an input file.
atd Used to execute jobs queued by the at command.
atq List a user’s pending jobs for the at command.
atrm Delete jobs queued by the at command.
audiosend Used to send an audio recording as an email.
aumix An audio mixer utility.
autoconf Generate configuration scripts from a TEMPLATE-FILE and send the output to standard output.
autoheader Create a template header for configure.
automake Creates GNU standards-compliant Makefiles from template files
autoreconf Update generated configuration files.
autoscan Generate a preliminary
autoupdate Update a file to newer autoconf.
awk Used to find and replace text in a file(s).

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